Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yesterday was a good day at the gym.  Did biceps, triceps and chest and a few abs.  I just wish the fat would come off quicker.  I normally do at least an hour and a half of cardio a day, and nothing!  Well it doesnt feel or look like anything, i'm not allowed to weigh myself right now because with the muscle i'm building I could gain weight, and I dont want to see that number on the scale!  So I am waiting until my body fat weigh in, either this Friday or next Tuesday, not sure which day she is going to do it.

Here are the days meals!

8:00 - Oatmeal with 4 blackberries, tsp almond butter and agave
11:00 - Protein bar
2:00 - Okios yogurt with a handful of blueberris
5:00 - Grilled Shrimp, brown rice
7:30 - Protein shake, hand full of pumpkin seeds
Here is the shrimp dish, nothing exciting lol

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