Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy 3 Month Birthday Nathan!

My nephew is 3 months old today!  Here he is in his first pair of jeans, I told my sister they look like mom jeans hahaha!

Marathon medal is finally here!

I finally got my Chevron Houston Marathon finisher medal in the mail!  They apparently underestimated the number of participants this year so I was one of the unlucky ones that didn't get my medal when I finished.  Here it is!  Bad pic I know, its with my iphone.

Last nights crossfit class was a good finale.  We were allowed to bring someone for free to try it out, of course no one wanted to go lol, but one person did bring someone.  This was our workout:

AMRAP (as many reps as possible) 
box jumps
squat thrusts
I had to use a 15 lb medicine ball for my workouts whereas everyone else used a 10 lb, so my numbers are obviously smaller than some of the others.  We had to do each station for one minute and then after all 5 stations were completed we had a  minute break, and then repeated 2 times.  And of course we had abs at the end.  Here is me doing my toe touches, I'm on the right in black pants and a navy top.
Today I went to the regular gym and did chest and shoulders workout, followed by a 30 minute 7% incline walk on the treadmill.  I have pilates tonight at 6.  Fun day! 
Oh I almost forgot, I had lunch with my friends Kristel and Kim today at Luby's.  I got the grilled fish, a side of green beans and sweet potatos....the total was 13 dollars!  Since when did Luby's become such an expensive restaurant!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dinner with Anahita

Sorry for the late post, I totally forgot about blogging today, not like I was doing anything interesting!  lol!  Tonight is my last night at crossfit, we are going to try out a different location that is closer to home.  This location takes us anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to get to depending on traffic.  And the new one I can as many days a week as I want, not just twice a week!  So I really need to get back on the eating clean track, its so hard with girl scout cookies in the house!!

Here is my dinner with Anahita last night.  I love sushi!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Its snowing everywhere but Houston!

So everyone has texted me today from san antonio, austin and dallas talking about the snow they are getting.  I want some snow here!  Jay Z concert last night was awesome!  We had great seats!  If I had knows that we could bring cameras in I would have, but normally you arent allowed, so I was stuck with crappy Iphone shots.  Here are a few from the night!
Our seats

I did pilates this morning.  It was nice, not too hard today.  Was going to go for a run but too cold for me! hehe!  

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jay Z Concert Tonight!

I'm super excited, we are going to the Jay Z concert tonight!  Been waiting for this for several months!  So needless to say there will be no crossfit tonight.  I am leaving soon to go for a 6 mile run to make up for it!

Here is a recap of some of the weekend events.  We attended a birthday happy hour for our friend Kate.
Yes I know I need to lay off the fake tan :-)
Then Therese and I went to go eat crawfish, but they were sold out!! So we went and had Korean food instead.
It was yummy, but I couldnt get the taste of garlic out of my mouth for a whole day!

I will update you all later, hopefully sneak some pics in from the concert tonight!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Sun Finally!!

I woke up this morning, it was kind of overcast, but was hoping the sun would come out.  I went to pilates reformer class, it was killer, it was all abs, 50 minutes of non stop abs.  Torture!  I walked outside and saw that it was nice and sunny, so I decided to go for a run, which I havent done in forever!  The weather was perfect!  I ended up doing 4.5 miles.  A nice start to my return to running.

Last nights crossfit was a good arm workout.  We started out doing 5 minutes on the rower machines, which tired out my arms really well.  Then it was 5 rounds of half squat thrusts with 15 lb weights in each hand, and then 20 lb kettle ball squats and then pull the arms up to your chin.  We had to do as many as we could in 30 seconds with a 30 second break in between.  Then we did another 3 minutes on the rower machine.  Then it was time for situps.  I had a 15 bound weight in my hand, we had to do as many full sit ups as we could in 20 seconds, with 10 seconds off, we did 8 rounds of these, followed by the usual plank and side plank.  Here I am in all black doing my side plank :-)


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love nutritional yeast!

I had read on so many blogs how they make a faux cheese sauce with nutritional yeast.  Well I finally broke down and tried it.  On its own I wasnt so sure, so I made myself a little salad of spinach and spring mix, grilled chicken, grapes and some almond slivers.  For the dressing I mixed 2 tbsp of hummus, 2 tbsp of nutritional yeast, water to thin it out and a tiny drizzle of tahini.  It was so good on the salad!  I am hooked!  Once I find the blog that I found the original recipe on I will share with you!

Crawfish, again, and again!

Yes I know it seems like I am addicted to crawfish recently, but they are so fresh and good right now!  Blame my friend Therese, she cons me into going :-)  I did go to pilates reformer yesterday, it was a good work out, a nice mixture of legs, arms and bouncing on the spring board.  I was going to run after it, since it was a gorgeous day, but I got lazy and didnt.  I went to eat crawfish instead haha.  I have crossfit today, so I will be making up for it!

New photo of nephew for the week!  Notice the shirt! haha

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My mom sent me this pic of the largest Resses peanut butter cup ever!  I love them!  Too bad she didnt get it for me :-(  haha!
This is what I ate yesterday on our President's day day off, even though I have every day off :-(  

Pork rib sandwich with bluecheese and jalepenos!  Yum!  I dont think I worked even half of it off at Crossfit!

Long Weekend

Sorry for the hiatus, it was Presidents Day weekend and I dont really blog on weekends!  Last nights crossfit class was torture, as usual!  We had to do rows and either burpees or lateral jumps.  I started off with doing burpees, but realized that I would never be able to do the final 50, so I switched to lateral jumps after round two.  Here is the workout:
I'm the second one from the left, in dark blue.
I dont think I have ever done so many jumps in my life!  And of course we topped it all off with abs and plank.  I'm off to pilates now!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Crawfish...yes again!

As you can probably tell I really love crawfish.  So after pilates last night Therese and I headed over to Boiling Crab to have our fix.  There was a 45 minute wait, but it was worth it! 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day Chocolate!

Greg surprised me with the best gift of all yesterday, CHOCOLATE!  And not just any chocolate, organic flavored chocolates!  I am going to share with you, well the pictures at least.  Try and not drool all over your keyboard!
Organic Peanut Butter bonbons with pink Himalayan salt.  

Mini bars of chocolate

First is Red Fire bar, Mexican ancho and chipotle chilies, Ceylon cinnamon and dark chocolate
Second Oaxaca Bar, Oaxacan guajilllo and pasilla chilies with Tanzanian bittersweet chocolate
Third Naga bar, sweet Indian curry powder, coconut flakes and deep milk chocolate

The GIANT bars

Black Pearl bar, ginger, wasabi, black sesame seeds 55% dark chocolate

Barcelona bar, hickory smoked almonds, sea salt, 45% deep milk chocolate

And then two large versions of ones previously mentioned!
Are you drooling yet?!?

I hate Burpees!

Last night's CrossFit class was torture!  He switched up our warmup, had us doing bear crawls and mountain climbers along with the push ups, squats, suicides, jumping jacks and burpees!  Then came the real workout.  7 rounds of 7 squats with weights, 7 burpees plus jumping over a hurdle, then 7 half squats and thrusting our weights in the air over our heads, 7 times!!!  I was dead by the third round, but he wouldnt let us quit.  It took me forever, over 16 minutes.  Then was our ab time.  2 minutes of plank, followed by a minute of side planks, and a minute of flutter kicks.  I am ready for a more relaxing session of pilates reformer tonight!
Here I am in the blue wishing that class was over!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I still feel sick today, my allergies/cold is making my head foggy and my nose congested!  I am not liking it!  I went to meet with a recruiter today to help me with my job search since doing it on my own apparently isn't getting me anywhere!  Hopefully she'll have something for me soon.  I didn't get this MBA to just sit at home and be bored :-)

Last night my friend Therese asked me to dye her hair for her, since everyone knows I am a professional stylist lol.  So before we began that adventure we had sushi!  My favorite!  Here are some of the delicious treats we had.  I forgot to get a picture of the spicy tofu we had, we devoured it too quickly!

Soba Noodles with Round Steak and Veggies

I got this recipe of this months clean eating magazine.  It was so simple I had to try it.  I found a new noodle that I love, the Soba noodle, it has a slightly salty taste to it, and if you know me you know I LOVE salt.  You simply boil the soba noodles, drain, rinse with cold water and set aside.  Then you heat up a wok, cook the meat to your liking, take it out and set it aside.  Spray the same wok with some pam, heat up a cup of onions, two cups of broccoli and one bell pepper for about 5 minutes.  Add the meat back and cook another 2 minutes.  While this is cooking you make a quick sauce with 3 tbsp of soy sauce, 1 orange juiced, 1 tbsp orange zest, 2 cloves of minced garlic and 2 tsp of honey.  Mix together and then throw on top of the mixture.  Let this cook a couple of minutes and then add a tbsp of wheat flour to thicken the mixture.  Throw on the noodles and viola, a quick healthy meal!
Soba noodles

Beef cooking

Veggies heating

All mixed together (minus the noodles)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hurt knee

So at crossfit yesterday we have to do like a gazillion lunges, I was stuck on the outside of the mat and had to touch my knee to the concrete.  I apparently wasn't paying attention to how hard I was putting my knee down and I knocked it on the cement.  It kept hurting throughout class whenever I would tap it to the ground, but I didnt think anything of it.  I just did and there is a big red bruise!  It hurts to touch it.  Hopefully I will be able to do my push ups tomorrow. (Yes I still do them the girly way on my knees).
My boo-boo! :-(
Speaking of is my nephew Nathan getting his first shots. 

You get out of it what you put into it!

We are kind of frustrated with the CrossFit class.  The class itself is great, awesome workout, but we put more into it than most of the others in the group.  You are timed with how many times you can do each circuit, and we watch some of the others and they half do everything.  They half squat, or use their legs to pull themselves up instead of their arms, or say they ran a certain number of laps but actually didnt.  Its really frustrating when you are putting your all into it, and someone else gets a better time than you because they cheated.  I know it really doesnt matter, but its just annoying!  Ok I digress now :-)  Here is last nights work out:
 Same warm up as usual, then we did 20 lunges,  10 pullups on rings, 20 sit ups knee to chin and then 10 jumping squats.  We did as many as we could in 15 min.
Then our cool down was running across the gym 26 times, followed by 10 pushups, then repeat.

Thats me running and gregs in front of me.
Finally we did a cool down with some plank position, which I HATE, then we did side twists with a 15lb kettlball.
Here we are once again!
Now it's off to pilates reformer at 10!