Thursday, February 11, 2010

I hate Burpees!

Last night's CrossFit class was torture!  He switched up our warmup, had us doing bear crawls and mountain climbers along with the push ups, squats, suicides, jumping jacks and burpees!  Then came the real workout.  7 rounds of 7 squats with weights, 7 burpees plus jumping over a hurdle, then 7 half squats and thrusting our weights in the air over our heads, 7 times!!!  I was dead by the third round, but he wouldnt let us quit.  It took me forever, over 16 minutes.  Then was our ab time.  2 minutes of plank, followed by a minute of side planks, and a minute of flutter kicks.  I am ready for a more relaxing session of pilates reformer tonight!
Here I am in the blue wishing that class was over!

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