Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday again

I know I have no reason to complain that it's Monday when I'm not working, but I still do :-)  Everyone I know is at work, and there is nothing to do in Houston during the day!  I am going to the grocery store today to make this weeks meals, havent done that in a while and we started eating more fast food because of it.  Looking for some new recipes in this months clean eating magazine, I'm tired of the same old stuff I make.  Tonight is Crossfit night too.  Hoping I last since I'm still not feeling 100%.  Plus I ate all of this last night at the superbowl party we were at.
It was delicious and so worth it :-)
Here are some new pics of my nephews!  Josh getting a haircut, he's 17 months.

And here's Nathan in his first set of bunny ears I got him haha, I dress him up b/c its funny! Hes two months!

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