Friday, February 5, 2010


Happy Friday everyone! 

Last night was pilates night, I was unaware that on the reformer you could add a spring board and bring in lots of cardio!  I really enjoyed it, even though I am still super sore from crossfit.  We did a lot of bouncing and ab work, along with some arms at the end.  I like the class because its always small, and you get personalized attention.  Whenever I do a class at the gym, I know half of the time I'm doing something wrong, but I never get corrected.
Heres the pilates studio.
I was tired of the same old same old oatmeal for breakfast this morning, so I decided to "treat" myself wtih some Puffins cinnamon cereal.  I was hoping it would taste like cinnamon toast crunch, haha, yeah it didnt.  It wasnt bad, it just didnt full fill the sweet craving I had.  Oh well!  Well I am off for a run, hoping that it will stay not raining long enough for me to get 3 miles in!

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