Friday, January 29, 2010


Yeah its Friday!  I went to a pilates reformer class last night with my friend Therese.  It was very hard and challenging.  I really liked it.  Then afterwords we went to have crawfish, at my favorite place, crawfish and noodles!  Here are some of the pics from last night.  I am getting hungry just looking at them again!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Honeycrisp Apples

I realize that honeycrisp apples are super good, but I just havent been able to justify paying over 3 dollars an apple, but yesterday I was at Central Market and they had them for 2.89 a pound, a whole dollar less than they have been in the past!  So i bought three of them haaha, that came out to 6 dollars, which wasnt bad, I just hate spending 10 dollars on 4 apples that will be gone in two days.  I pulled one out to eat right now and they are huge!  I didnt think I was going to be able to finish it, but I didnt want to waste a 2 dollar apple haha.  Here it is next to a lime, ginormous! 

I know all of you are dying to see whats in our refrigerator, so here ya go!  Lots of yogurt, vitamin waters, some fish and ground chicken, and lots of tuperware full of foods I made but arent really that good haha.  That baileys is not ours, a friend bought it a few weeks ago when she was in town, made a drink of it, baileys on the rocks, blah!  and left it, so now anytime anyone comes over they are welcome to a nice glass of baileys!

Here is the latest picture of my 2 month old nephew!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wonky Feet

So I went to the sports Dr. today, since my hip is still hurting when I put pressure on it and my knees sound like bubble wrap popping when I bend them.  She told me that I have wonky feet!  I said excuse me, she said that I have a really bad inward pronation that I already knew about, and this actually makes my knees move side to side rather than up and down.  Apparently my left side is a lot worse, which puts a lot of pressure on my hip.  She took about a million x-rays to make sure and they all turned out fine.  She attempted to tape up my knees, but that didnt help at all, so she gave me a list of exercises to do try and make my knee move in the proper way.  She also told me no more flip flops!  Um yeah sorry thats not going to happen.  She told me to wear my tennis shoes, which are made for my pronation, or go and buy some shoes from the walking store....I do not want to look like a granny in some orthopedic shoes, so I will attempt to stay in my tennis shoes as much as I can.  I dont see that happening though!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Crawfish Time!

I went to a new crawfish place on Sunday, Crawfish and Noodles, they sell crawfish and pho!  Two of my favorite things!  The food was delicious, super juicy and spicy.  I am ready to go back for more! 

I am still having issues with the side of my glute/hip area, think its more of the glute than hip.  It still feels like their is a sharp pain every time I step on it.  I am going to try yoga today to see if that helps stretch it out, and hopefully will be able to start back with my trainer soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010

5 Days later and I'm still in pain!

So maybe I shouldnt have ran yesterday and today.  I was thinking the best way to get through my sore muscles was to work them out.  Today I had sharp pains not only down my right quad which has been bothering me the most, but also in my butt muscles hahaha, its not really funny b/c it hurts so bad!!!  I guess I will take a rest tomorrow.

So I am excited, Greg got us Jay Z tickets, and they came in the mail the other day!  We are in the 6th row on the floor!  Yeah!

I attempted to make some stuffed peppers yesterday off of a recipe on seriouseats.  It called for half of a mashed sweet potato in it.  Haven't tried them yet, but they do not look very appealing to me!

Here is another photo of me after the race, once again its a horrible photo!  I also went out and bought a 26.2 sticker for my car!  I know its lame but I like it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Race photos

So I don't know if its the camera or if its actually me that looks this big!  I got back the photos from the race and I look like I'm ginormous!  These pictures definitely are making me start to hit the gym hard!  Its back to twice a day cardio, 4 days a week of weights and a couple of sessions of yoga thrown in there.  No more fatty heather!

OH here's my hubby with his new Mac that he has been going back and forth on trying to decide if he wants for years now!

Monday, January 18, 2010

First Marathon Completed!

So I did it, I actually ran 26.2 miles.  I was doing pretty well until mile 18, when the blisters on my feet got really bad.  I started out at a 10:30 pace till mile 4, then slowed to a 11:30 to maintain stamina.  At mile 13 I was down to 12:30 pace, which was what I had planned on.  At mile 18 I realize I am at a 14 min mil pace, but I am still on track to finish in 5:30 since I started faster.  Yeah they passed me, then I see the 6:00 hour finish and I think ok, I can keep up with them, nope they pass me at mile 18, but I am only 2 minutes behind them.  I met my friend at mile 19, I thought that would help me and motivate me, it didnt, it made me slow down and get angry haha!  When someone is there that is all perky and saying come up pick up your pace we can do it, I looked at her and shut up I'm doing the best I can.  Then she said power walk if you cant run now, I dont really want to repeat what I said but it was something to the extent of I am walking the fastest I can :-) At mile 20 I didnt think I could fnish, those last 6.2 miles seemed forever away.  I started running again, and then I have 3 miles to go, I could barely walk anymore because my feet were so blistered.  My pace slowed to a 20 min mile, so I knew that I wasnt going to hit my 6 hour mark.  I finally finished at 6:34 min, maybe a little less, since I was at the end of the pack when we started. I'm happy that I finished, but I will definately train better next year for it!

Friday, January 15, 2010

1.5 days to go!

Today was the marathon expo.  My friend Fred went with me, got lots of samples of products, think i mixed too many vitamin and energy shots lol.  So I'm getting more nervous.  I just want to complete it in under 6 hours.  Here's Fred at the expo, shes leading me around.

 Heres my bib!

Here is a new area of Central Market that I found today.  Its fresh ready to snack on vegetables!  Good to just eat or a stir fry.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Days and counting....

Still super nervous about the Marathon.  I went to get a light weight long sleeve shirt today and the guy at the running store told me if I think I can do it I sure we'll try that out!  So today breakfast was the usual oatmeal didnt eat lunch yet, I got some new energy pills that are super strong!  Love them! They remind me of ephedra.  They really suppress your appetite and give you tons of energy. 
Only have to take one a day!

Here are some of the other supplements I take

I'm making a chicken to have for lunches the rest of the week.  Since we dont eat the skin there is really no reason to put it in the oven to get it crispy, so I'm trying a crock pot recipe.  I coated it with a two pepper blend, cumin, chicken seasoning, red pepper, garlic, lemon and sea salt.  Cant wait to try it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

6 Days Until My Race!

So I have 6 days until my full marathon, which I do not feel that I am prepared for at all!  My friend Laura is coming up this weekend and going to run the last 5 miles with me.  Someone did that for her when she ran hers so she is repaying the favor :-)  I woke up at 2 am feeling sick, aches, chills, etc.  I drank some expired goats milk last night, so I'm hoping its just a reaction to that and I'm not really getting sick! I havent been to the trainer in 3 weeks now either, waiting until after the race, I dont want to be sore at all while I attempt to do it.

So we went to a local organic grocery store yesterday, it was very weird and very dirty.  And not hippy wierd like we thought it would be either!  We did find some grass fed beef that we bought and lots of interesting teas and vitamins.  We got some new health foods at HEB too.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year New Me?

Everyone always says that every year, I'm going to make this my year to get thin.  Yeah I'm just going to say this year I plan on trying to healthy again.  I want to complete my first marathon in two weeks, I need everyone's prayers for that!  I want to learn how to swim so I can compete in a triathlon.  I want to start reading more and going to church more, and I want to travel more.  I'm sure there are more things I will add to my list, but those are the top ones for now!  I started cooking healthy meals again today, blah, after two weeks of eating whatever I want this is not going to be fun!  But I will provide you with the last meals I took pictures of at my parents house before I begin to bore you with my healthy ones.

My moms deviled eggs, so delicious, made with real mayo, mustard and olive juice, among other secrets, LOVE THEM

Ham, I dont really eat ham, but I had a few bites.

Deviled eggs and potato salad, real mayo all the way!

Salmon patties, love them, havent had them in years!

Blackberry pie, ok this was made with pre made pie crust, canned blackberries and another pie crust that I pretty much mutilated and put on top.  But it was still good!