Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year New Me?

Everyone always says that every year, I'm going to make this my year to get thin.  Yeah I'm just going to say this year I plan on trying to healthy again.  I want to complete my first marathon in two weeks, I need everyone's prayers for that!  I want to learn how to swim so I can compete in a triathlon.  I want to start reading more and going to church more, and I want to travel more.  I'm sure there are more things I will add to my list, but those are the top ones for now!  I started cooking healthy meals again today, blah, after two weeks of eating whatever I want this is not going to be fun!  But I will provide you with the last meals I took pictures of at my parents house before I begin to bore you with my healthy ones.

My moms deviled eggs, so delicious, made with real mayo, mustard and olive juice, among other secrets, LOVE THEM

Ham, I dont really eat ham, but I had a few bites.

Deviled eggs and potato salad, real mayo all the way!

Salmon patties, love them, havent had them in years!

Blackberry pie, ok this was made with pre made pie crust, canned blackberries and another pie crust that I pretty much mutilated and put on top.  But it was still good!


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i guess you are dying to eat these foods.. isn't it my friend ??

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