Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kids Camp

CrossFit Strom started up a kids camp last week with a nearby elementary school.  So far things are going great!  We have 13 kids that attend summer school that stay for 30 minutes after class to get in some fun functional fitness!  I'ts great to see them starting to challenge each other and themselves.  Check out our blog to see how the class is going!

Me trying to get my deadlifts back after my back problem!  up to 250, get nervous everytime I go above that, afraid I'm going to herniate the disks again!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm Back...again!

Another long hiatus!  I know I know I havent written in a long while.  I keep busy updating our gyms website
crossfit strom, flickr, facebook, twitterlinkedin, and wodcast pages, so its hard to keep my own blog updated!  Okay enough shameless promotion!  :-) 

It's been getting crazy HOT in Houston and it's barely the beginning of summer!  I did a hero wod on monday that took me almost 4 minutes longer than when I did it in February!  Hopefully I get used to this heat again soon, I dont want my times to keep going down!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wodcast case study

For the past several months we have been a beta tester for Wodcasts Wod tracking software.  We love the ease of use of it, and everyone really likes checking in every day to see how they compare to others!  With their new features of allowing everyone to input their own photo it really makes it more personalized.  They have a cool new feature too that marks when you have gone up on a strength PR. Everyone whose interested in an easier way to keep track of their gyms wods should take a look at the software!  Here is our case study!