Tuesday, May 24, 2011

25 lb back squat PR

Yesterday we did CrossFit totals, and I was nervous going into it since I havent deadlifted heavy since my back injury.  I was able to hit 250 with no problems!  I tried for 270 but started to feel a slight pull so I figured I would rather be safe than sorry, and just kept it at 250.  I will have 300 before the summer ends!  I did get a nice 25# pr on my back squat!  Did my first 200# squat!
Crossfit Totals score: 555

I was in Washington D.C. for work and stopped by District Crossfit for a few sessions when I could run out of my conference.  They were extremelly nice and supportive, but also kicked my butt!  I must say that the athletes up there are in very good shape! Time to get back into it and start hitting it hard!  It's almost summer and I dont have my beach abs yet! :-)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Carl Paoli Gymnastics Training

Hello All!  I know its been a long time since I have posted!  I hadn't really felt like posting since I have been only able to do between 50-75% of my max weight due to my back injury, but I am feeling a lot better and thought I would start my first post with the training I did over the weekend!  I went to CrossFit Austin to attend the gymnastics seminar hosted by Carl Paoli.  We learned how to do proper hand stand pushups, pistols and muscle ups!  I am a long way away from being able to do a muscle up, but now I know the steps that it takes to make it happen, and the way he put it all together makes it seem very do-able in the future!  If anyone has the opportunity to take this class I would suggest it!  Hopefully they will post our class picutre soon so I can post it here!  http://nakaathletics.com/naka-pros
Here's me on the right doing my pullups, yes still with the band!  Hopefully I will do them today unassisted.  I'm going to try and utilize the techinques that Carl taught us this weekend to hopefully string my kips together!