Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wonky Feet

So I went to the sports Dr. today, since my hip is still hurting when I put pressure on it and my knees sound like bubble wrap popping when I bend them.  She told me that I have wonky feet!  I said excuse me, she said that I have a really bad inward pronation that I already knew about, and this actually makes my knees move side to side rather than up and down.  Apparently my left side is a lot worse, which puts a lot of pressure on my hip.  She took about a million x-rays to make sure and they all turned out fine.  She attempted to tape up my knees, but that didnt help at all, so she gave me a list of exercises to do try and make my knee move in the proper way.  She also told me no more flip flops!  Um yeah sorry thats not going to happen.  She told me to wear my tennis shoes, which are made for my pronation, or go and buy some shoes from the walking store....I do not want to look like a granny in some orthopedic shoes, so I will attempt to stay in my tennis shoes as much as I can.  I dont see that happening though!

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