Monday, January 18, 2010

First Marathon Completed!

So I did it, I actually ran 26.2 miles.  I was doing pretty well until mile 18, when the blisters on my feet got really bad.  I started out at a 10:30 pace till mile 4, then slowed to a 11:30 to maintain stamina.  At mile 13 I was down to 12:30 pace, which was what I had planned on.  At mile 18 I realize I am at a 14 min mil pace, but I am still on track to finish in 5:30 since I started faster.  Yeah they passed me, then I see the 6:00 hour finish and I think ok, I can keep up with them, nope they pass me at mile 18, but I am only 2 minutes behind them.  I met my friend at mile 19, I thought that would help me and motivate me, it didnt, it made me slow down and get angry haha!  When someone is there that is all perky and saying come up pick up your pace we can do it, I looked at her and shut up I'm doing the best I can.  Then she said power walk if you cant run now, I dont really want to repeat what I said but it was something to the extent of I am walking the fastest I can :-) At mile 20 I didnt think I could fnish, those last 6.2 miles seemed forever away.  I started running again, and then I have 3 miles to go, I could barely walk anymore because my feet were so blistered.  My pace slowed to a 20 min mile, so I knew that I wasnt going to hit my 6 hour mark.  I finally finished at 6:34 min, maybe a little less, since I was at the end of the pack when we started. I'm happy that I finished, but I will definately train better next year for it!

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