Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pain pain go away!

Day two of crossfit was last night.  I was already sore beyond belief, and today I am more so!  There were more people in last nights class, which was kind of irritating, it seemed like every single person had to have each exercise explained to them over and over again, I just wanted to get started!  We began with the same warmup, and then started the exercises, since it was raining outside he made us to suicides instead of running outside, I would have preferred outside, I am horrible at suicides!  Then we did our 21-15-9 split of thrusters, which was squating with weights, then thrusting our arms up in the air when we came back up, then we had to jump over hurdles, and then do chinups on the bars, all of these were done 21 times, then 15, then 9, followed by another round of suicides.  Then on to the abs, I already hated the plank position from pilates, but I have grown to really hate it in this class! 
Here is our class photo, I am in the back with my face half cut off and Greg is next to me.
And here we are doing plank, I am the one with the black sleeveless tank on.

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