Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You get out of it what you put into it!

We are kind of frustrated with the CrossFit class.  The class itself is great, awesome workout, but we put more into it than most of the others in the group.  You are timed with how many times you can do each circuit, and we watch some of the others and they half do everything.  They half squat, or use their legs to pull themselves up instead of their arms, or say they ran a certain number of laps but actually didnt.  Its really frustrating when you are putting your all into it, and someone else gets a better time than you because they cheated.  I know it really doesnt matter, but its just annoying!  Ok I digress now :-)  Here is last nights work out:
 Same warm up as usual, then we did 20 lunges,  10 pullups on rings, 20 sit ups knee to chin and then 10 jumping squats.  We did as many as we could in 15 min.
Then our cool down was running across the gym 26 times, followed by 10 pushups, then repeat.

Thats me running and gregs in front of me.
Finally we did a cool down with some plank position, which I HATE, then we did side twists with a 15lb kettlball.
Here we are once again!
Now it's off to pilates reformer at 10!

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