Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Day with the Trainer

So I decided that I needed some extra motivation to get my butt back into shape, so I hired a trainer that one of my friends uses.  I was not expecting to be worked out hard on my first day, which apparently I wasnt, but it sure felt like i was!  I started out on the treadmill for a light warmup, then did 2 sets of squats with the medicine ball, followed by two sets of tricep dips on the bench, next was me stepping up on this step on the same leg 15 times, then switching, i thought i was going to die then.  Then she had me do tricep extensions (the whole time having to push my butt out, arch back, shoulders down, elbows in, it took all my energy to keep the right form! Then another set of the step ups and tricep extensions, then i had to do lunges, followed by bicep curls, and repeat, then the adductor machine, with a posture on it i've never done before, followed by the lat pull down, and repeat!  This was just a a little warm up to see what kind of shape I am in.  I would have to say that I am in bad shape lol!  I go back tomorrow for day two!   I get my meal plan today, all I know so far is that its clean eating, boring, every 2.5 hours.  With one cheat meal a week, no not a cheat day, one cheat MEAL a week :-(  I wont put up my actual weight and body fat %, it scared me enough! But I will update weekly or bi monthly (whenever she re does my measurements) with the pounds/percentage points I am going down. 

So here is the last fattening dessert I will post for a while, since I have to be good on my training program. 

Buttermilk Grapefruit Cupcakes

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