Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 2 Dinner 1 Appetizers

On day two we did our first dinner at a Mexican food restaurant. The appetizers were all better than the main courses (which I will show you tomorrow :-). They started us off with a mango cream shot. It tasted like pudding to me.

Next we each ordered an appetizer for everyone to share.  I ordered the tamales, made with mexican cheese and a chocolate chili sauce.  They were ok, nothing special.

Therese ordered the ceviche, it had good flavor.

Greg ordered the lobster quesadillas, which were the best thing that we all ate.

David ordered the shrimp, I thought it was very good, it had a really good mouse that came along with it.

Then we ordered the two soups that they had, the lobster and shrimp bisque, it was very fishy tasting, with very little meat, and the tortilla soup.  I just had a bit of this but everyone seemed to really like it.

All in all the appetizers were decent.  We ordered two more orders of the lobster tacos :-)

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