Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brined Chicken and Brown Rice

I had been marinating chicken all day in a nice spicy lime and jalapeno mixture.  Apparently that wasn't appetizing for Greg, so he decided to make dinner.  He brined the chicken (which I have never had before).  He said its supposed to keep it moist, which it really did.  Thats one thing I hate about chicken, it gets dry too quickly.  We pretty much only eat white meat chicken breasts, even though I love a good drumstick!  When we are on the health kick its white meat only Blah!  For the brown rice he mixed in a yellow bell pepper and some seaweed seas alt he made (he had to make it for himself after we got back from Japan and they served it at a restaurant).  It really does give the rice a nice flavor.  Just blend some sea salt with pieces of seaweed in a chopper and then lay out to let dry over night, and voila, seaweed sea salt!

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