Monday, September 28, 2009

Thai Food In San Antonio

So this weekend I went to San Antonio for my sisters baby shower.  As soon as I got to town she said I hope your hungry!  I was, as usual  :-)  She took me to her favorite Thai restaurant, and we gorged on food!  It was so good!  You can order the heat anywhere from 1-10, I did a 7 on my dish, the beef and noodles, I should have went for the 10.  Little did I know they have a competition there where if you eat a dish with a 50 heat or higher you get your picture on the wall!  I so would have done my own episode of Heather vs. Food!  Next time!
We started our meal off with the Thai Beef Jerky

Next we shared a flaming bowl of  Tom Yum Gai

Next came all of our meals. I had the beef and noodles.

My sister Sonya had the Pumpkin Curry

Our friend Bao had Lemongrass Chicken

My sisters husband John had the Glass Noodles with beef and chicken

And for dessert, Fried Ice Cream!!!  So delicious!

So needless to say I waddled out of the restaurant that night!

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