Friday, May 14, 2010

Pretty boring week

Nothing of interest has really gone on this week, so I have had no motivation to post :-)  I'm going to try the Zone eating plan, to see if that will help me loose weight quicker.  I am working out twice a day and not really seeing any additional results.  Think I'm eating too many carbs and no fats with my current plan, and thats stopping me from loosing.  I have worked out Mon-Thur at crossfit and we have "fight gone bad" on Saturday and a make up "Helen" on Sunday, so my instructor told me that I was not allowed to work out at all today, not even a casual run, so needless to say I am going crazy with boredom!  Here are the crossfit workouts from Tues  Wed and Thur.


Death By Pull Up
Min 1 do 1 pull up, minute 2 do 2 pull ups, etc until you tap out..  Did 5 rounds with thick blue band
Met Con
5 Rounds
200 m Run
20 Two Arm Russian Swing (30#)
30 K2E
Time: 11:45

Ring Dips
Barbell Bear Complex (Squat Clean to Thruster  to Back Squat to Overhead) (37#)
For Time
Time: 5:16
500 m Row Time Trial (2:05) one second slower than last time I did this :-(

Thur:  Awesome workout!!!
5 Rounds
90 Single Unders
30 Squats
30 Push Press (27#)
Time: 21:45
3 x :45 Hand Stand Holds
3 Rounds of 2 Turkish Get Ups Each Arm

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