Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One week down!

The 60 day Paleo challenge is going pretty well.  I havent really been craving anything.  I did have a cheat meal where I allowed myself some dessert, but other than that I havent gone crazy!  I was featured in Team Gorilla again yesterday :-)

Here are the wod's i've done the past few days:

Monday's wod:
200 m run
20 squats
200 m run
20 push ups
200 m run
20 sit ups
200 m run
10 burpees
200 m run
10 man makers
Time: 21:46  I was dying during those runs!!

Friday's Wod:
For Time

50 burpees
25 clean n press or jerk
50 kb swings
25 box jumps

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