Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day after my long run

Hello all!  Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday.  I decided to do my long run (13 miles) yesterday morning, and I'm pretty much dead after a long run.  I did do it in my best time ever though, 2.37 yeah me!

So here are so photos of the mexican themed meal Therese threw on Friday for a friend that was in town from Japan.  Greg said it felt like a Goya commerical lol.  Everything was homemade, the salsa, nice and spicy, David's guacamole (which I didn't try since I don't like avocados).  She slow roasted the meat for 3 hours, and then it pretty much fell apart on its own.  Such a good meal, if only I hadnt filled myself up on salsa the hour before everyone got to her apartment :-)

Ok so here is the photo that made me realize I need to start hitting the gym extra hard.  I didnt realize I had let 20 lbs slip right back on me!  So now instead of those pesky last 10 lbs i want to loose, i'm now at 40 lbs I need to loose!  The first pic is last years half marathon.  The second is this years, yeah those 20 lbs show!  And yes I wore a similar outfit on purpose so that I would be able to compare pics more accurately hahaha I know i'm crazy.  I will post the 25k pic as soon as I get that.

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