Friday, November 20, 2009


Finally Friday!  Well to me everyday is Friday right now while I'm out of work.  So yesterday I started out with the standard oatmeal, added blueberries and blackberries, exciting I know lol. 

Then it was off to the gym for some shoulder work.  I got the routine out of the Oxygen magazine.  I love that magazine!  Then I decided to drive around and try and find some cool sites to take pictures of.  I saw some interesting graffiti on a wall and stopped, it was kind of a sketchy area, think I actually pulled up in the middle of a deal going down, but we wont go there!  Here are the pictures I took.

Had some of my fish soup for lunch that I made the day before, I love it, it reminds me of wedding soup with the spinach and flavor of the broth.  I could eat this everyday! For dinner we went out to Ruggles Green, didnt take pictures, forgot my camera and it was too dark in there for me to use the iphone camera.

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