Tuesday, December 14, 2010



10 OH plate lunges
5 power cleans
10 dead lifts
10 knees to chest plyo jumps
Time: 11:44

Courtesy of http://crossfitlisbeth.com/

You’ve got to respect the barbell.

Respect the kettlebell.

Respect the double-under, the L-sit, the unassisted pull-up.
Respect the platform — keep it clear of extra plates. Respect your platform mates — spot them in case they fail.

Respect the place where you CrossFit. Stow your gear. Line things up. Throw out the trash.

Respect your body: don’t put garbage into it. Respect your mind: don’t put garbage into it. Respect your heart: don’t let folks trample all over it.

Sounds easy, huh? Try it today, from beginning to end. Sunrise to sunset, treat every person you meet with respect, treat everything with respect. Treat your gym with respect. Even treat your enemies with respect. See what happens.

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