Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 5 & 6

Weekends are the hardest part of the Whole30.  I'm very regimented during the week, but going out on weekends make it a lot more challenging, especially when everyone around you is stuffing delicous looking food in their faces. 

Friday's (day 5) meals:
Breakfast - soy free egg white protien powder, coconut water and a cutie.
Lunch - brisket, raw celery and carrots.
Snack - pistaccios and grapes
Dinner - Bullritos beef fajita meat and chredded lettuce
Snack - grapes and an orange

Workout - 7 RFT 3 power cleans, 4 HSPU

Saturday's (day 6) meals:
Breakfast - soy free egg white protein powder, coconut water
Lunch - beef brisket, raw celery and carrots, fried plantain in coconut oil
Snack - pistaccios
Dinner - salmon and a sweet potato

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