Friday, October 11, 2013

Down 5.5 lbs!

Day 4 of Whole30 and I'm down 5.5lbs!  I know your not supposed to weigh yourself but I had gained 5.5 lbs this past month traveling so much and wanted to make sure that I took it off!  Hopefully I can loose another 8 before the next body fat analysis!

Breakfast:  soy free egg white protein with sprouts coconut water and a ruby red grapefruit.

AM Snack:  Pistaccios

Lunch:  Lots of Sashimi! (forgot to bing my coconut aminos so I had to eat it sauce free).

PM Snack: Granny smith apple and 2 oz of fajita meat.

Dinner:  3 oz grilled chicken and shredded sweet potato.

Othe snack:  10 green grapes and a Tbsp of almond butter.

Workout: Rest day!

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