Monday, November 8, 2010

Crossfit Austin Workout

We were in Austin this weekend and decided to drop into the gym our friend's go to, Crossfit Austin.  I just have to say that they were so warm and welcoming and helped us with so many things we didnt know we were doing wrong!  :-)  My legs are so sore from all of the squat clean and presses and OH presses we did, along with the countless initial form practice workouts we did.  I also had a great coach, Walker,  that showed me that there is a difference between a chin up and a pull up and wouldnt let me cop out and do chin ups for the Cindy wod :-)  She also helped me with my kips.  So THANK YOU crossfit Austin!

Challenge 1

Take 15 Minutes to find a 2 RM Clean and Jerk
*One Bar Per team, everyone one the team must make 3 attempts
*Score =Final completed weight on the bar

Challenge 2
5 Minutes Max Reps on the OVHD Squat
*75 lb, 45 lb one person working at a time, one men’s bar, and one women’s bar per team
*Score=total reps
total: 138

Challenge 3
5 Minutes Max Rounds of Cindy
*all team member work at once
*Score total number of combined reps
3 rounds (was focusing on form)
Final Score= 518, our team won! :-)

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