Thursday, January 27, 2011

Should have had some pickle juice!

I had to take Tuesday off due to a work event, so I was fresh and ready for Wednesday's I thought!  The warm up was tough enough, weighted tire pulls, then rope drills.  My arms and legs were like jello.  So then of course what comes next, skill work of ring dips, you expect me to hold myself up much less dip down after the rope drills!  So needless to say by the time the actual wod came, I was already tired :-)  It was a good wod though, I was nice and tired after it!  But I think that i didnt drink enough water yesterday because my entire body started cramping up about an hour later.  My rib cage, my legs, my back, even the muscle that I didnt know I had under my chin!  It was miserable!


800m run
AMRAP 10 min
5 manmakers 20#
10 BW dead lifts
2 min rest
400m run
AMRAP 10 min
5 SDHP 50#
10 air squats
1st AMRAP 3 rounds
2nd AMRAP 13 rounds

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