Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm coming for you Kip!

This week we have been practicing our kipping pullups, I'm almost close!  Yesterday I got my first rip in the middle of my hand, what made it worse was that the WOD was all gripping work...kettlebells, ring rows, it was miserable!  I'm hoping the tear heals soon so that I can get back up on the bar!

I'm on  Love this site!  Thanks for the love! :-)

Thursday WOD:
SDHP 50#
elevated ring rows
KB swings 50#
box jumps 20"
Time: 15:13 (wasnt even trying to go fast, my grip was shot!)

Wednesday WOD:
50 DU's
10 OH squats 65#
Time: 21:34


Anonymous said...

UGH, rips make everything miserable! I hardly get any rips these days now that I have a set of calluses! Hang in there (pun intended!)

Heather said...

Thanks! I have lots of calluses too, but for some reason I got rips in the middle of my palms this time! Made the rest of the week's wods very painful!