Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Friday in New York

Ok so lets continue with our food journey through the city!  We started off with 11:00 am brunch at Balthazar Restaurant and Bakery.  Greg recommended the maple french toast so thats what I got.  And it was delicious!  It may not look like much, but I was full after the first piece and I made myself finish the second one because I knew I wouldnt be back there for a long while!
Therese go the eggs benedict

Then it was off to Magnolia Bakery!  The cupcake was so good but SUPER sweet.
Then we stopped by a Japanese dessert place.  They fly in all of the desserts on a daily basis, so they are super fresh!  Therese had a cherry suspended inside of a cold gelatin.  

Stay tuned for more food, one of my favorites will be first thing tomorrow...I'll give you a hint, its wrapped in BACON! 

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