Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still Sick

I was hoping my throat would feel better so I could go to crossfit last night, it didnt, and today it is still sore so I made myself an appointment at the dr for this afternoon.  Hopefully I'll get some good meds and I will be good to go!  Since I have no workouts to report, here is Thursday's dinner at Locanda Verde.  We started off with three appetizers:
Lamb Sliders
Fritto Misto - Mix of fried shrimp and clams
Burrata - with eggplant calabrese, dandelion and fried rosemary. 
 Main course 1: Artichoke ravioli
Main course 2: Goat Cheese Agnolotti with burro fuso, lemon and sun-dried calabrian peppers
 Dessert 1: Maple Budino - candied pecans, apple butternut sorbetto
 Dessert 2: Almond Coconut Semifreddo shaved pineapple, mango, mango pineapple sorbetto

More food to come in the next few days!

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