Monday, April 5, 2010

Back from New York!

Had a great time in New York this weekend with Therese, we pretty much ate our way through the city :-)  So I will be sharing these photos with you throughout the week!  I did come back with a sore throat and fever, hoping it hurrys up and goes away so I can do crossfit tonight, I NEED it after all the calories we consumed!

Thursday:  Lunch - Cafe Habana
The corn is the thing that everyone goes here for.  There was actually a model in the place, she ate a piece of corn and then shared a plain spinach salad with her friend HAHAHA
The delicious corn smothered in butter, parm cheese, chili powder and lime.
Cuban Sandwich
Smoked cheddar and chicken quesadilla.
After lunch we headed over for a sweet treat at Rice to Riches.
Half chocolate rice pudding, half cookies & cream
I will post Thursday's dinner tomorrow since there was a lot of it!

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