Thursday, April 8, 2010

People of the post office....

I think that I need to start up a people of the post, similar to people of  I was in there this morning and of course its ALWAYS a 30 minute long line, and there were some interesting looking people there.  My favorite was a man in a mesh cowboy hat, and I love mom t-shirt and flip flops.  So trendy! haha

Ok so yesterday was my first day back to Crossfit since last wednesday! Yes a whole week!  So the workout was extra brutal on me.  I am still a bit sick and congested so my energy level isnt where it should be.  Here is the workout:
400 M Weighted Carry (25lbs)
5 Rounds
10 OH Walking Lunge Steps (20lbs)
30 KB Swings (25lbs)
At the end of that workout we then grabbed a sledge hammer and wacked a giant tire, 15 times on each side for two sets.  Needless to say when I got home I couldnt lift my arms they were so week!

I have my weigh in with the nutritionist tomorrow, so lets hope I lost at least a little bit of weight, though all of the eating in New York set me back a good two weeks :-)  And speaking of eating, here is Fridays Lunch and Dinner as promised!

Crif Dogs!  The BEST hotdogs in NY!  On the left, jon jon deragon, hotdog with cream cheese, scallions and everything bagel seeds.  This was sooo good we were tempted to take one for the road! On the right, spicy redneck - bacon wrapped, yes I said bacon wrapped hot dog with coleslaw, chili and jalepenos!
Chili cheese dog and tots
For dinner we went to a Korean restaurant.  I love Korean food and I was not disappointed!  I wont label the dishes because I dont even know what half of them are called :-)

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