Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't Just Do It....Do It Better!

I haven't been really sore from a workout in a while, but yesterday's workouts really got me!  I think it was the 8 rounds of 25# lunges we did that really set it off!  I'm awaiting my rest day on Saturday!  Here is yesterday's workout:

Skill:  Max rep kipping pull ups – 3 attemptsMetCon:
”Aaaah, Push it”
Thrusters 45#
Push ups

So I finished the workouts, Rx'd it, but it took me over 28 minutes.  I started not being able to breathe around the second set of 8, and I didnt have my inhaler with me, so I had to take a few breaks.  Disappointed in my time, but at least I finished it. 

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