Thursday, July 8, 2010

Know Pain, Know Gain

I met one of the top crossfit women in the US this weekend and she had the best figure and muscle tone I have ever seen.  I found out she played sports in college, but still if she can do I should be able to too!  My goal for the next month is to be able to do kipping pullups, so I today I started the attempt by moving from the safety of my green pullup band to a thin blue band.  I was told to dead hand and pull myself up as far as I can to build up my back and arm strength.  I did decent, but I am determined to do a real kipping pull up!
Morning workout:

Weighted Pull Ups

Met Con
Tabata Squats
Tabata Sit Ups

Afternoon Workout:
WOD: ”2 Minute Max Day”
Max reps in 2 minutes of movements to use as a current level baseline; 3 min. rest between movements
Kipping pushups: 31
Squats: 59
Situps: 63
Wall shots: 12lb – 36
Box jump 16″: 32
Jump rope SU: 231

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