Monday, July 26, 2010

Entering first crossfit tournament

I have decided that I am going to enter my first crossfit tournament in October.  I will start training this coming week, doing my normal routine in the evenings and practicing the skills I'm not so good at in the mornings.  I hope that I just don't come in dead last!  I figure the only way to get better is to push myself.  And speaking of pushing myself, Saturday's workout was crazy intense.  Everyone was in groups of two's but I was paired in a group of 3, which meant that only one of us could have "down time" while the other two had to keep moving!  Heres the workout:

600m relay – 100m each x 2 w/sandbag, partner rides we used 49# sand bag
175 wall shots 12#
150 kb swings 30#
125 leg throws
100 wall shots
75 kb swings
50 leg throws
600m relay – 100m each x 2 w/sandbag, partner rides
Needless to say I was dead at the end of this! Time: 38:43
These pics came from Nicole at Crossfit1525  Thanks Nicole!

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