Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fight Gone Ugly

Yesterday's morning workout was Fight Gone Ugly.  And it was ugly!  If you thought Fight Gone Bad is intense, try this one!
“Fight Gone Ugly”
Score is still total reps.
AMRAP Wall Shots in 3 min (10# ball)
rest 1 min
AMRAP SDHP in 3 min (35#)
rest 1 min
AMRAP Box Jumps in 3 min (16inch)
rest 1 min
AMRAP Push Press in 3 min (45#)
rest 1 min
AMCAP Row in 3 min
Total Reps: 201  Thats one less than my fight gone bad total, but I actually did box jumps this time instead of step ups so I got a lot less, so I consider this a victory! 

Evening Workout:
Strength:  Shoulder Press 3-10-3-10-3
50-45-55- 45-65
MetCon:  ”Primate”
8 rounds:
Bear crawl to the wall
10 wall shots (12#)
Broad jump back
10 OH lunge steps (25#)
I would pick an intense day to do a two a day!
 Thats me doing my box jumps in the blue tank

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