Monday, September 27, 2010

Fight Gone Bad V

OK so lets start by saying I didnt make it through my first 21 day sugar challenge.  Had a friends dinner Friday night where I caved and had a piece of chocolate cake and ice cream, and then caved even worse on Sunday.  We wont even talk about the copious amounts of sugar I ate! So I must start again!  Lets hope I have better will power this time!

Saturday was Fight Gone Bad are my results!
3 rounds/1 minute break between rounds of:

Spend 1 minute at each of five stations IN THIS ORDER:
Wall shots (Rx 20#/14#) (Modified 14#/8#) – for reps
SDHP (Rx 75#/55#) (Modified 55#/35#) – for reps
Box Jumps (Rx 20″) – for reps
Push Press (Rx 75#/55#) (M 55#/35#) – for reps
Row – for calories

Total reps: rx 224 (6 weeks ago I got 209)

Score = total reps + total calories added together from all 3 rounds

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