Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday and Saturdays wods

Team WOD
4 person teams
5k row – 500m at a time
1 person rows 500m while 1 person does box jumps(24″/20″), 1 person does burpees and 1 person rests – rotate through in that order. The rower is the timer.

Each rep of box jumps and each rep of burpees = one second off the row time score

Score = (total row time) – (total # box jumps + total # burpees)
Total time: 12:35ish
Team wods are my least favorite. I hate having other people rely on me for time!
After this wod we went to the rock gym. Hopefully pictures to come soon!

Friday was more of skill work. I did Front squat practice for form. 115#
Then I did 21-15-9 cleans for form at 65#

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