Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Green Mile

I was really looking forward to yesterday's workout.  It's called The Green Mile.  I decided to do more than rx, because I thought rx looked "too wimpy" I dont regret doing it, I just didnt realize how hard the 30# farmes carry was going to be!
Met Con: “The Green Mile

Run 200m
200m water bucket carry
Run 200m
200m oh plate carry (45#/25#) (I did 35#)
Run 200m
200m db farmer’s carry (45#/25#) (I did 30#)
Run 200m
200m sandbag carry I did 57#
Time 13:07
I am definatley getting stronger with my running, which is great!  Now I just need to keep my food paleo, once I go off I have a really hard time getting back on it!

WOD #2  Now I'm not trying to make excuses, but I was so worn out from WOD 1 that I didnt think I could finish WOD2.  I started off doing box jumps, but went to step ups after number 15, and it stayed that way through the other two rounds.
3 rounds:
20 box jumps 20"
10 Push press 65#
200 m run
Time: 10:46
Heres me doing some air squats, which my husband already pointed out I was doing wrong since I am on my toes!

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Anonymous said...

Okayyyy... that is one serious WOD!

Brilliant stuff you're doing there!