Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crossfit is madness....but i LOVE it

So yesterday I ran 6 miles in the morning and then went to crossfit.  I was unprepared for the 150 squats we had to do, while throwing a medicine ball up against the wall!  It took me 11:46 to do them all.  Not bad, I beat out some of the other people from the day, but when I was finished my legs felt like jelly!  Then we had to do 7 sets of 7 reps of ring dips.  Since I am not that strong I did some modified ring dips with an elastic band in the middle to help me pull myself back up.  Hopefully it wont be long until I can do them.  I already was able to do 4 assisted pull ups with the rubber bands and I couldnt do any last week!  Today I walked 3 miles, legs were still sore, and I have pilates tonight.  Its my relaxing day! 

Here are so new pics of our nephew Nathan!

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