Monday, March 1, 2010

Rodeo cookoff

Friday night was the rodeo cookoff, it was a lot of fun, but FREEZING out!  Here are a few pics from the night.
Therese and I 
Yes we had to wear plaid, it was the rodeo!

Greg's sister, Greg and I
Saturday I spent all day with Therese and all we did was eat and shop, oh and get our nails done.  So today I have to work out extra hard at crossfit.  Think I might go to the gym and run a few miles this morning too.  Here is our food adventure from Saturday.
First we hit up crawfish and noodles and some Pho and Crawfish.
Next we went to Ruggles Green for some desserts.  
Therese had the vanilla bread pudding.

I had an apple cake.  So yummy!
Then we watched a movie and got ready for dinner...Uptown sushi! 

Sorry the pics are so dim, no light and were taken with Iphone.  This was the baked scallops.
Off the menu french fries.
Baked fish
Kobe beef hot rock
Some rolls
Everything was so good, but I think I consumed like 10,000 calories haha!

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