Thursday, March 4, 2010

Out Sick

Sorry for the hiatus, I got a bought of the stomach flu on Monday.  I actually made it to my new crossfit class, it wasnt as cardio intensive, but still a good workout.  When I got home I wasnt feeling well, then it all started blah!  I still havent ate more than a few crackers and a packet of soup, so hopefully I will get my strength back soon.  I did go to pilates on Wednesday.  I had to cancel Tuesday since I couldnt get out of bed.  I could tell a difference, I was super week and felt that I was only half doing the moves.  I am going to try again tonight and then start crossfit again I guess on monday.  I hate stopping my intense workouts like that.  So needless to say I dont have any good pictures of food or workouts to give you, but I do have a new photo of one of my nephews.  Heres Nathan!

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