Friday, March 5, 2010

Slow week.

This week has been a slow week for working out since I was sick.  Did pilates last night, he didnt even have me on the same resistant bands b/c he said I was too week and told me to go eat some carbs :-( So I met up with Therese and she forced a jalepeno cheeseburger down my throat :-)  Today I went to the gym and did some light leg weights. 
3 sets of each:
90 lb leg press
squats 2 sets at 10 lbs one set at 16 lbs
inner thighs
outer thigs
lunges with 10 lb medicine ball
Finished it up with a small set of abs

Then I met up with a friend for lunch at the Mongolian Hot Pot.  I love spicy soups!

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