Monday, March 29, 2010

So Sore!

I woke up Saturday morning and my calve muscles were still crazy sore, but I promised a friend I would meet her at 9 am for her first crossfit class.  Thankfully the crossfit class loosened them up, that was until I sat back down in my car and drove home, I dont think they have ever been this bad!  Luckily today they were better and I didnt have to start my walk on my tip toes :-)  Here is the work out we did at Crossfit Katy.

Goblet squat (72)
Pullups (28)
Lunge Steps (61)
Weighted situps (60 with 15 lb weight)
In between each set run 1 lap w a sandbag or medicine ball, after situps sprint your last lap with the sandbag/ball. (14 lb med ball)

It was a tough workout!  Needless to say I took Sunday off.  This morning in crossfit I was really frustrated.  I feel like I'm not getting strong as quick as the others have.  I still cant do a hand stand on my own, I have to have someone help me get my legs up in the air, I know thats just my fear of falling backwards and hurting myself, but until I get over this I wont ever be able to do a hand stand pushup!  I still have to use double bands when I do my pullups, my endurance for running has gone down, I was told it will take a while to gain the strength, I just want it to come quicker!  I did a slow 3 mile run after class, to try and get my endurance up.  Plus I will be in New York Thur-Sun, so I need to get as much exercise in as I can before then!  Here is today's WOD.
Over head squats, 5-5-5-5-5 I only did 30 lbs, have a pulled muscle in my leg that I cant get worked out :-(
AMRAP 12 min
200 m run
3 hand stand push ups, for me it was 15 lb weights doing shoulder presses
6 pull ups
I did 4 rounds total plus a run.

Here is my breakfast for the day, pretty plane as usaul!

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